GIS and data management

Fugro draws on considerable experience in designing, building and managing GIS databases. We deliver the best possible geospatial solutions and provide tailored intelligent GIS solutions. Our track record of success is built upon long-term relationships with clients and suppliers, including ‘Gold Partner’ status with ESRI. Working closely together enhances technological and developmental efforts for both companies.

From streamlining internal processes for a public sector agency to increasing data accessibility for a multinational corporation, Fugro’s GIS solutions help clients maximise their geospatial investments. We also provide organised and well-presented charting solutions and tailored data deliverables, allowing easy assimilation and use of geospatial data for a variety of projects.

  • GIS Application to Support Site Characterisation and Engineering Related Studies – We provide GIS support for site characterisation and all associated datasets and analysis for engineering studies. GIS projects and mapping projects can be specifically tailored to your requirements and tailored tools can be developed for GIS to enhance functionality and efficiency. Our experts provide customised 3D modelling, animated fly-through and detailed 3D thematic maps which have been essential in visualising datasets and gaining a better understanding of data and projects.
  • Data Management, including Issue of External (Client) GIS Models – New and historical datasets and can be delivered on an ArcGIS platform (or alternative formats and systems) and we can tailor GIS solutions to your requirements. We have adopted the SSDM GIS data format, enabling easy communication of data to clients who have also adopted this model.

We work closely with clients, providing customised software applications and cost-effective spatial data management solutions that answer real business needs. Through our global experience in the acquisition and processing of spatial data, we bring a uniquely pragmatic perspective to the challenges posed by the size, complexity and diversity of spatial datasets.  We provide geospatial strategy and create the supporting framework for technical architecture design, standards, roles, responsibilities and procedures. Our specialisation in development of GIS software solutions includes extensions and applications that integrate with business workflows and boost user productivity.

GIS Application to Support Site Characterisation and Engineering Related Studies

  • Map Preparation – Our experts in CAD and GIS produce very high quality, well-presented maps, tailored to your requirements, which can present a complex assemblage of data.  The maps are designed in an intuitive format enabling you to gain information quickly from maps and charts (both onshore and offshore).  Special features within the charts or GIS workspace are implemented to increase access to information; for example, hyperlinks give immediate access to image files of geophysical data, geotechnical logs and parameter tools or reports.  In situ data are also stored in the database allowing you to make composite plots ‘on-the-fly’ in order to assess information within any user-defined set of locations. The data management solution is equally applicable to new and historical datasets and can be delivered on an ArcGIS platform (or alternative formats and systems).
  • 3D Modelling – Our specialists provide a range of 3D deliverables representing integrated geospatial datasets within a 3D space facilitating analysis; these provide an enhanced understanding of the project environment.  The 3D modelling also facilitates effective communication of analysis to your engineering or project teams through visualisation of terrains and potential hazards.
  • Photogrammetry – Photogrammetric data can be derived from a wide range of aerial sensors into spatially accurate map products and GIS datasets. This technology can serve the management of natural resources, urban planning, economic development, emergency response, environmental and engineering activities.  Our highly automated processing systems deliver projects in half the time of traditional photogrammetric methods. Our wholly owned assets and large production facilities across the globe enable flexible scheduling to meet your needs. All of our digital imaging acquisition and processing procedures are ISO certified with accuracy capabilities that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Spatial Analysis and Numerical Mapping – We provide detailed spatial analysis within a GIS environment and use tools, some of which are proprietary, for numerical analysis to enhance information.  Map features are organised with associated attributes so that detailed interrogation, querying, filtering and numerical analysis can be performed.  We perform coding of bespoke applications which operate within third party software, enhancing functionality and increasing the range of tailored analysis that can be performed.

Data Management, including Issue of External (client) GIS Models

We provide expert guidance in the areas of spatial data and metadata standards, formats and interoperability, as well as spatial information management, governance and strategy. Providing business solutions for storing, managing and disseminating all types of spatial data, we also issue tailored models and deliverables.  Other services include geodatabase modelling, spatial data conversion, migrations, loading and metrics for the presentation and use of data once acquired and analysed.

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